Being manufacturers allows us to produce cylinder brushes of very small dimensions to greater formats.

Being manufacturers allows us to produce cylinder brushes of very small dimensions to greater formats, for electronic card cleaning to industrial truck mounted sweepers. They can come as one piece or in sections or blocks, as specified on our clients' needs.

Generally cylinder brushes are made on plastic bases in the body of the brush, adaptations on edges for fixation, connection and traction. This type of brushes the base is drilled with a determined number of drillings where the filament is stapled.

The amount of drills determines the density of the brush. We can manufacture Cylinder brushes with natural bristles or filaments such as Lechugilla, Palmira, Mixed horse bristle, Ixtle (Tampico Fiber), Black horse bristle. We also have synthetic bristles and filaments such as nylon, Polyethylene, Polyester, Polypropylene, phytosanitary filaments, etc, We also provide mixing of filaments to any proportion.

This type of brushes is optimal for base recovery and placement of new filament representing great savings as the brush is left as brand new. We can assembly some cylinder brushes in sections or blocks put together to achieve the proper length. A great advantage from these brushes is that center piece of the brush is worn and therefore bristles on that area are changed reducing costs of maintenance.

Manufacturing of this type of brushes is through a system with metal spiral strip which fixes the bristle to the brush by the core. This brush is rolled along a metal pipe.

This type of brushes is used in processes such as cleaning and polishing of fruits and vegetables, brushes where it is essential filament density, sweepers' core brushes, brushes of production line chains cleaning, etc.

  • Cepillos de Alambre de Acero Ondulado
    Ideales para un primer barrido, para carreteras en
    reparación o pavimentadas.
  • Cepillos Filamento Plástico
    Ideales para parrido de arena, hojas o como un
    segundo barrido en cualquier superficie.
  • Cepillos mixtos (Alambre acero y plástico)
    Ideales para el barredo de grava suelta logrando
    un cepillado profesional.